Nail Art Tutorial – Sea Love Using Nail Decals


The Nail Art:

Hello! πŸ™‚ I have some more nail decals to show you today. They are gold sea life themed decals from BornPrettyStore. For this design I wanted to keep the color combination simple and opted for a white and tan gradient with a gold accent nail. I also ended up making a second variation that includes a little cameo over the accent nail. I am not sure which I prefer… I love me some 3d nail art but I actually like the subtly of the first design better. :p Which is your favorite?

The Tutorial for the first design can be found below, or you can watch it here. ❀

The Review:

The brand of these decals is ‘Magico’ and it includes one sheet that is decently sized (bigger than the lace sheet from Friday’s design). They are very pretty and there are a lot of individual designs to choose from. There are different types of seashells, mermaids, coral, starfish, etc; there are even a few Little Mermaid themed ones on there! However, the gold is like a foil material and it may bleed or crack with certain top coats. I found that only one of the decals bled and and cracked but it was barely noticeable, overall they are much better than other gold foil stickers I have tried. However, they are a bit pricey for what you actually get (as far as my budget is concerned). If you want to check these nail decals out more click here. Also if you decide that you want to purchase anything from their store, feel free to save 10% with code QUENW10.

20150726_013235aThe Tutorial:

Colors used:

Milani – White On The Spot
Revlon Colorstay – Bare Bones
Salon Perfect Top Coat
Gold Sea Decals
Micro Beads

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False Nail Set – Mermaid Fin

20140720_164459Hi everyone! Sorry for my no post on Monday. My life has just been feeling a bit more hectic than usual and I have been finding it hard to keep up with nail art lately. I really hope to get back on track here soon though πŸ™‚ In the meantime please enjoy this bit of a throwback (for me anyways) of a custom mermaid nail set that I did way back when. I didn’t post it earlier due to always wanting to post my newer/more relevant sets. lol But it is has been pushed to the side for too long now, time for its debut :p hehe

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Nail Art Tutorial – Coral And Peach Ombre Nails – Nail Art Stamping


Just something super quick and simple to add a little summer color to the nails. I have been so short on time lately and preoccupied with other things but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, so hope you enjoy this look!


Colors used:

Sally Hansen – Mighty Mango
Revlon Brilliant Strength – Provoke
Salon Perfect Top Coat
Image Plate:
Pueen SE03B

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Nail Art Tutorial – Tropical Chevron Nails – Nail Art Stamping

20150630_231810The Nail Art: Time for something a bit more colorful and summery :). I had 1 item left to review for BornPretty which was image plate Qgirl 018 (id# 16463) so I tried to incorporate it into this design somehow. It has a lot of fun images on it and I especially love the caveman vibe, but I wanted to see if I could use the images in an unexpected way (different from the theme of the plate). So I opted for the leafy image as it kind of reminded me of palm leaves so I based the design around that aspect. The plate stamps really well and if you decide to check it out you can save a bit of money with code QUENW10 for 10% your purchase. That way you will have a little bit extra to put towards even more nail art :p haha. Anyways here is how I created this look:


Colors used:

Sinful Colors – Island Coral
Kleancolor – Black
Salon Perfect Top Coat
Image Plate:
Qgirl 018

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Nail Art – Gingham And Daisies


The Nail Art:

It’s still picnic season, time to visit the park and roll out that classic gingham print blanket, light up the grill and gaze at the beautiful flowers! Why not add a bit extra flare with some coordinating nails? πŸ™‚ I was actually inspired by a fashion photograph I came upon on instagram a while back. I can’t remember who it was by, as I just happened to scroll past and I didn’t save it (it wasn’t until now that I even thought about it again). It was of a girl wearing a red gingham dress holding a bouquet of yellow daisies and I thought they complimented each other nicely so I based today’s design off of that pairing. πŸ™‚

(if you happen to know what photo I am talking about please let me know!)



I applied 2 coats of a white base using Sinful Colors Snow me White and then I stamped on a red gingham pattern using Kleancolor Bite Me and Mash image plate 50. Next, I used some yellow acrylic paint and a nail art brush to paint on some little daisies in random spots. I added a white dot to the center of each flower and sealed in the design with a layer of Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat to complete this picnic styled look.

Colors used:

Sinful Colors – Snow Me White

Kleancolor – Bite Me

Yellow Acrylic Paint

White Acrylic Paint

Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Image Plates:

Mash 50

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