Nail Art Tutorial – Pink Geometric Tribal Mix – Nail Art Stamping

20150903_000211cThe Nail Art:

Hi guys! 🙂 I was in a stamping mood and created this fun pink geometric tribal-ish manicure. I really just grabbed a couple random plates plus a few polishes and challenged myself to come up with a design using some of the images. I kind of wish I picked something other than pink, but whatever I had fun with it :p. This look was really easy too! Check out the tutorial below. ❤


Colors used:

Salon Perfect – Lavender Fields
Kleancolor – Neon Pink
Kleancolor – Black
Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat
Image Plates:
Bundle Monster 603
Bundle Monster 605

Nail Art Tutorial – Mixed Chevron – Stamping Nail Art

20150811_154350bThe Nail Art:

Hey guys! Here is that new nail art I promised you :p Might be the only one for this week so hope you like it :p haha. This was one of those fun and random kind of nail designs. I starting noticing I haven’t done a skittle mani or a mix and match design in quite a bit so I made one! And look, I used pink! lol Check out the tutorial to see how I created perfect pink stripes!

Hope you all have a great week!


Colors used:

Milani – White On The Spot
Kleancolor – Black
SinfulShine – VIP
Salon Perfect Top Coat

Image Plate QA91

Striping Tape

Nail Art Tutorial – Pink And Gray Floral Half Moon Manicure – Nail Art Stamping

20150715_205728The Nail Art:

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have some pink and gray floral nails for you. I ended up making two variations of this design: 1 plain and simple and 1 with some fun 3d embellishments.

Since I have been making nail tutorial videos I have learned many things: The first thing being that they are not as easy as I assumed they would be lol – they are also very time consuming. Secondly, I understand that many people do not have much nail art supplies or the means of getting them, so it it is much easier for them to follow my tutorials with out all of that crazy stuff :p. At the same time I don’t want to stray away from my typical nail art style (which includes lot’s of embellishments hehe) so to hopefully help with that I thought it would make things a bit easier to include multiple versions.

So here is the second version with the added embellishments. It has been a while since I have used chain; doesn’t it change the style of this design? It added a bit of edge and flare. Which one do you prefer? 🙂



Colors used:

Sephora by OPI – What Aura Gonna Wear?
Pure Ice – Kiss Me Here
Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat
Image Plate:
MyOnlineShop MJXX

Nail Art Stamping – Pink Damask

20150319_202026a 20150319_202104aHappy Friday everyone! So. I am not the biggest fan of pink but I do love all things damask! And these paired together sure make for a delicate design; a bit on the girly side but beautiful none the less. 🙂 I used pink because this design was inspired from some decorative boxes I had (that happened to be pink) and I wanted to replicate it exactly how I saw it. I wish I had pictures of the boxes, but unfortunately I do not. However, here is what I used to create this nail look:

Colors used:

Sinful Shine – Come Hither

Sinful Shine – VIP

Kleancolor – White

Seche Vite – Top Coat

Image Plate:

MyOnlineShop MJ XXIII

Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Love

20150208_223348 20150208_223416Shop | Facebook | Etsy | Instagram | Tumblr

Hello! Here is another Valentine’s design for you :). I started off with a base of Milani Juno, a frilly and slightly shimmered pink. I then stamped over that with SinfulShine VIP using the hearts from Bundle Monster plate 317. With Kleancolor Black I stamped the love letters from Bundle Monster plate 426, skipping the ‘O’, and used the heart image from Bundle Monster plate H16 (in place of the O) which I then filled in with more VIP. I completed the look by applying a layer of Seche Vite top coat. Simply cute. ❤

Colors used:

Milani – Juno

SinfulShine – VIP

Kleancolor – Black

Seche Vite – Top


Image Plates:

Bundle Monster plate BM426

Bundle Monster plate BM 317

Bundle Monster plate H16