Nail Art Tutorial – Sea Love Using Nail Decals


The Nail Art:

Hello! 🙂 I have some more nail decals to show you today. They are gold sea life themed decals from BornPrettyStore. For this design I wanted to keep the color combination simple and opted for a white and tan gradient with a gold accent nail. I also ended up making a second variation that includes a little cameo over the accent nail. I am not sure which I prefer… I love me some 3d nail art but I actually like the subtly of the first design better. :p Which is your favorite?

The Tutorial for the first design can be found below, or you can watch it here. ❤

The Review:

The brand of these decals is ‘Magico’ and it includes one sheet that is decently sized (bigger than the lace sheet from Friday’s design). They are very pretty and there are a lot of individual designs to choose from. There are different types of seashells, mermaids, coral, starfish, etc; there are even a few Little Mermaid themed ones on there! However, the gold is like a foil material and it may bleed or crack with certain top coats. I found that only one of the decals bled and and cracked but it was barely noticeable, overall they are much better than other gold foil stickers I have tried. However, they are a bit pricey for what you actually get (as far as my budget is concerned). If you want to check these nail decals out more click here. Also if you decide that you want to purchase anything from their store, feel free to save 10% with code QUENW10.

20150726_013235aThe Tutorial:

Colors used:

Milani – White On The Spot
Revlon Colorstay – Bare Bones
Salon Perfect Top Coat
Gold Sea Decals
Micro Beads

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False Nail Set – Mermaid Fin

20140720_164459Hi everyone! Sorry for my no post on Monday. My life has just been feeling a bit more hectic than usual and I have been finding it hard to keep up with nail art lately. I really hope to get back on track here soon though 🙂 In the meantime please enjoy this bit of a throwback (for me anyways) of a custom mermaid nail set that I did way back when. I didn’t post it earlier due to always wanting to post my newer/more relevant sets. lol But it is has been pushed to the side for too long now, time for its debut :p hehe

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Nail Art Tutorial – DIY Colorful Mermaid Nail Design – Sea Princess

20150616_003132The Nail Art:

Summer is upon us here, and boy is it hot! All I have been wanting to do is go swimming and maybe see a few mermaids lol. I haven’t been able to go yet, so for now I will have to deal with mermaids on my nails! :p

20150616_003106The pink gems I used in this look were sent to me by bornprettystore (item #20581) and I thought they would incorporate nicely into this design. They are pretty big and the pinks ones are actually the smallest in the set. You can see in the picture how much they still stick out. I don’t know how I will ever use the other colors but they are really pretty so I must find a way! :p

Here is everything I used to create this look:


Click here to watch the video tutorial ❤

  • I started with 2 coats of Milani Orchidia
  • Next, I used a makeup sponge to dab on some hot pink using Salon Perfect Perky Pink
  • I then went in with a bit of a metallic gold using Wet n Wild A Show At The Palladium
  • Next, using Sinful Colors Snow Me White I stamped on the fish scale pattern from Mash 39
  • I applied a layer of top coat and began adding on my embellishments
  • Finally, I let everything dry and the look was complete.

Colors used:

Milani – Orchidia

Salon Perfect – Perky Pink

Sinful Colors – Snow Me White

Seche Vite Top Coat

3d Nail Art – Mystical Mermaid

20150316_201812aHi guys! Some of you might remember a mermaid design I posted a long time ago called Mystic Mermaid. Well, this is basically a revamped version. I have been wanting to recreate it for some time and when I found some mermaid charms online I thought it would be the perfect time to do so! It is pretty close to the original but it also has a bit more flare to it now and I am really happy with how this one turned out 🙂

Around the same time I was creating this look (which was actually back in march- I was holding off posting it) I came upon Nail It Magazine’s search for some themed manicures to feature in their upcoming issues. They called it Snapshot and “Mermaids” was one of the themes for their upcoming July/August issue so I thought I would give it a shot and went ahead and submitted this look.

One of the requirements was to include a brief How-to, which was kind of tricky for me to keep “brief” because I really put so much into this design lol so I wish it was a little better written. Anyways, I took the liberty of including that how-to below, so if it doesn’t end up in their magazine at least it is here :).


I started by applying a layer of Color Club Metamorphosis then sponged on Wet n Wild Stay Outta My Bismuth and KleanColor Mystic Grass in random areas. I then stamped over three fingers using a scales image from Pueen plate 15 with Kleancolor White. I adorned those same nails with various sized pearls, gold micro beads, and a couple 3mm gold seashell studs. I also added a gold mermaid charm for an accent nail, and completed the look by applying Seche Vite Top Coat.
I got all of the embellishments from Ebay.

Colors used:

Color Club – Metamorphosis
Wet n Wild Chrome – Stay Outta My Bismuth
KleanColor – Mystic Grass
KleanColor – White (for the stamping)

Seche Vite Top Coat

Image Plate:

Pueen plate 15

Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Mystic Mermaid


This manicure was was my first ocean inspired design, and it was so much fun to make! I started off by sponging various blues and turquoises, the colors I used were; Color Club’s Cold Metal, Kleancolor’s Pearl Jungle, Teal Marble, and Unforgettable memories. I then stamped a few of my nails with the scale image from Pueen plate15 as well a mermaid image from Winstonia plate 108 on one nail. Finally, I adorned the nails with various sized pearls, gold micro beads, and a few beautifully detailed gold seashell studs. I really love the end result of this design! I might have went a little overboard with the pearls, but for this design I think the more details the better! 🙂


  • Color Club Cold Metal
  • Kleancolor Pearl Jungle
  • Kleancolor Teal Marble
  • Kleancolor Unforgettable Memories

Image Plates:

  • Winstonia 108
  • Pueen 15