Nail Art Tutorial – Pink Geometric Tribal Mix – Nail Art Stamping

20150903_000211cThe Nail Art:

Hi guys! 🙂 I was in a stamping mood and created this fun pink geometric tribal-ish manicure. I really just grabbed a couple random plates plus a few polishes and challenged myself to come up with a design using some of the images. I kind of wish I picked something other than pink, but whatever I had fun with it :p. This look was really easy too! Check out the tutorial below. ❤


Colors used:

Salon Perfect – Lavender Fields
Kleancolor – Neon Pink
Kleancolor – Black
Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat
Image Plates:
Bundle Monster 603
Bundle Monster 605

False Nail Set – Damask And Diamonds Repost

29Hi guys! I have a re-post for you today of a very early nail set! See the original here. I still love this design and I have actually been wanting to recreate it as a manicure again (see original manicure here) I may change the colors though; I still except custom orders for this design in my Etsy shop and someone once ordered them in purple and they were super cute, so I may go with that! In the mean time do you guys have any design requests for when I return from my Birthday break? Please let me know, I would love to her your ideas! ❤

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Hand Painted Nail Art – Faded


The Nail Art:

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? I had fun with this practice design! It was based off one of the designs from the nail art wheel I posted the other day. It is really just a mix of random lines lol, I had no particular design in mind for this so I just kind of started painting.

By the way: I don’t know if it is my monitor or what, but my hands look super washed out in these pictures. I didn’t even notice it until now – so frustrating. My apologies! But hey the nail art still looks fine; which is all that really matters anyway :p. So onto the steps!


To start off I applied two coats of Sinful Colors Rise And Shine and let that dry completely before I began painting.

While it was drying I chose some acrylic paint that was a slightly lighter shade than the base color – just a simple teal colored acrylic paint. I then decided how many “fades” I wanted in the design, which for this design I wanted the pattern to contrast between at least 4 or 5 shades.

So in a paint palette I added equal amounts of the teal paint in 5 different spots. I then proceeded to add white paint to each paint dollop adding a bit more white to each dollop as I went ( for example: for the first pot of paint I added 1 drop of white paint, then for the second pot I added 2 drops, and the 3rd adding 3 and so forth until I had 5 different shades of the teal. Dark to light.)

When all of the paints were mixed I started the pattern by painting on the darkest shade first and drawing a line or two on my nail. Then when moving to the next line/section I used the next shade of paint, and so on.

When I finished painting all of my ombre lines I applied a layer of Salon Perfect Matte top coat to smooth everything out and to complete the look.

I hope these steps weren’t too hard to follow. lol I tried to be as descriptive as I could without extra pictures (would have been more helpful though :p). If you have any questions feel free to comment them below! 🙂

Colors used:

Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine

White Acrylic Paint

Teal Acrylic Paint

Salon Perfect Matte Top Coat

False Nail Set – Geometric Ombre

20140808_160238Hey guys! This is actually a re-post of a previous set (new picture though). I was looking through all of my nail sets and started reminiscing and since this set is still available in my store as well, I thought it would be nice to share again. I actually like this picture better than the original however; I format them a bit differently for Instagram due to the size difference. Hope you guys like it! I will be back on Friday with some new nail art 🙂

Nail Art Stamping – Neon Negative space

20150317_024732aA while back I got a custom order on my Etsy for some simple painted stilettos which the customer was very keen on them being Coral colored. I agree to the request and went to gather my supplies just to realize I didn’t have 1 coral color, nothing even similar. I can’t for the life of me figure out how that happened…lol So anyways I went to Walmart real fast, on a quest to find the perfect coral shade and came home with 3: Sinful Colors Island Coral and 2 of this Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair.

I have never tried this polish brand before (I have used their false lashes before though) but I am blown away by this coral; it is so bright and beautiful. The formula is a little on the chalky side however, but I think mixing in a bit of top coat will help smooth it out. It also dries matte, which I don’t mind, but it is also incredibly hard to photograph and capture it’s true glory. I did try my best to capture it even though these pictures are crap quality. lol

I decided to pair it with a geometric negative space design. Since it is so bright I just wanted it to be a pop of color rather then be overwhelming. Here is what I used to create this nail look:

Colors used:

Salon Perfect – Flamingo Flair

Kleancolor – Black

Seche Vite – Top Coat

Image Plate:

Cici&Sisi plate 21

Stamping Nail Art – Coloring Book

20150210_010241Well isn’t this just a hot mess. Seriously though I messed up in so many spots, but oh well. After spending a ton of time trying to fix it I just ended up messing it up more, so I gave up and snapped pics like it was the most beautiful design ever! Got to work with you got, right? In all honesty it really isn’t that bad, I am just poking fun because I was so annoyed with all of the squiggly lines haha,

I was going to go a different route with this design to begin with, but then I decided to try out the lead light technique (where you color in the image after it has been stamped). Ideally you are to use sheers/tints or jelly polishes, as to not cover up the outlines, but I don’t have many polishes like that so I used the sheerest yet bright colors I had. Which were: NYC Jacaranda Flower and Milani Neon Pink Rocks! Maybe that was part of the problem with this design too haha. This technique works best over white so I started with a base of Kleancolor White then stamped with Kleancolor Black using a few images from Mash plate 64. After filling that in I sealed the design with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat and wished I had just used a regular gloss top coat instead. lol

Colors used:

Kleancolor – White

Kleancolor – Black

NYC – Jacaranda Flower

Milani Neon – Pink Rocks!

Wet n Wild – Matte Top Coat

Image Plate:

Mash Plate 64

Stamping Nail Art – Blue Edge

20150112_235916Is it time for pastels yet? Probably not, but oh well :p. I paired a pastel blue with a bold black and white print for today’s design. I added too many layers of nail polish so it is kind of thick, but I am willing to look past that if you are haha :p.

20150113_000117I started by applying a couple ayers of white then stamped over it in black using this geometric design from plate bm 603. I then painted the tips with pastel blue and applied top coat and silver chain to complete the look.:)

Colors used:

Kleancolor – Pastel Teal

Kleancolor – Black

Wet n Wild – French White

Seche Vite

Image Plate:

Bundle Monster plate 603