Nail Art Tutorial – Seamless Black – Simple Negative Space Design


Hi guys, I’m back with new nail art! 🙂 Did you miss me? Even just a little? :p I also worked on a new logo and placement (again) and this time I think I finally got something that I like and will stick with for a while. So let’s get to the design:20150828_230510aThe Nail Art:

For today;s look I wanted to create something super basic but also edgy so I made a simple negative space design that will also work as a background for any extra design details. I was originally going to paint some roses/flowers over it but as you can tell, I ended up changing my mind and went with some studs! I love how edgy it turned out I didn’t film a tutorial for the stud arrangements as it was a last minute change but the tutorial for the first look can be found below. 🙂

The Tutorial:

Colors used:

Milani – Black Magic
Salon Perfect Top Coat

1mm Striping Tape

2mm Striping Tape


Nail Art Tutorial – Black And Gold Diamond Nails


The Nail Art:

I am on an easy nail art streak! :p This design may look fancy and complicated but it was super simple to create. All you need are a couple coordinating nail polish colors, some tape or a piece of plastic, rhinestone chain or regular rhinestones, and of course some top coat. Let’s get started!

Video Tutorial:

Here is how I created this look>

Colors used:

Wet n Wild – A Show At The Palladium
Milani – Black Magic
Salon Perfect Top Coat
2mm Gold Rhinestone Chain

False Nail Set – Romantic Lace Stilettos – Valentine’s Day Nail Art

20150124_143319 20150124_143325

These fierce lace nails are perfect for Valentine’s day or any other time you want to feel extra sexy 😉

Clicking on the photos will direct you to my shop.

Practice Nail – 80’s leopard And New Ideas

 photo 20140118_170309_zps282f0241.jpg

This was the original practice nail for the 80’s leopard design I posted a couple weeks ago. I originally wanted to use this black diamond chain in the full set, but it didn’t work out for some reason. Anyways this might be the last practice nail I post, I am thinking of doing something new on Mondays.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • Swatches – A different color from my collection each week that may lead into Wednesday’s design.
  • Tools – A new or basic tool and what they are used for, possibly with examples
  • New Items – A picture and info on any new nail items I get. Nail polish, tools, accessories, etc.
  • Tips and tricks.
  • Something new in general- I am still brainstorming :p
  • Random – Might use all ideas and just choose a different one each week.

What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything particular you would prefer? 🙂 I would love to hear your feedback ❤