Tag – I love Nail Polish


I saw this tag on chicandpolished page and I thought it would be fun to do (even though I wasn’t actually tagged :p)

1. Favorite base coat?

I don’t use base coat all that often since I don’t wear my manicures for very long anymore :/ I usually just use a top coat so that I can peel it off later.

2. Favorite top coat?

Probably Seche Vite or Color Club’s Top Coat

3. Top 3 favorite nail polish brands?

Oh this is a tough one since I don’t usually buy polish because of its brand; I choose a polish based on it’s color. Besides, even a crappy nail polish can become a good one with the right top coat 🙂 If I had to choose though I would say:

  • Color Club – They have a really rich and smooth formula as well as great color options, however they can be pretty expensive.
  • Sinful Colors – They have a great color selection, are readily available, most stamp well, and they are inexpensive.
  • Milani – They have a nice formula, fun colors, I love how easily they apply, and a lot of them work for stamping too. They can be hard to find in stores sometimes though.

4. How often do you paint your nails?

Usually about 2-3 times a week. There have been times where I would do like 3 manicures in day thanks to creative bursts haha

5. Favorite neutral nail polish?

Definitely Revlon Colorstay in Bare Bones! Color Club in Nomadic Nude is a very close second though 🙂

6. Pink or red nail polishes?

Red! Such a classic and elegant color. I have never really been a fan of pink nail polish.

7. Glitter or matte nail polish?

Matte all the way! :p

8. Your go-to nail polish at the moment?

I have no idea… I have been using Salon Perfect Nail Lac Haze and Revlon Colorstay Bare Bones a lot recently, so I guess 1 of those? haha

9. What’s on your nails now?

Don’t look! They are naked right now :p haha I am actually about to dress them up here in a bit when I am finished with this tag so will just have to wait and see 🙂

10. If you had a nail polish line how would you name it?

I would have to keep that a secret until it was trade marked now wouldn’t I? :p hehe

Thanks for reading! Do we have any of these in common? I would love to know! Also, let me know if you guys want me to do more tags like this in the future! 🙂 It was a nice break from the usual nail art blogging ❤ Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Tag – I love Nail Polish

  1. I am also a no base coater, unless I know the polish is going to stain, and then I just put down a coat of something sheer. It seems like a bit of a needless expense and extra step.

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