Nail Art Tutorial – Black Lace Design Using Nail Decals

20150722_115324aThe Nail Art:

Hello and happy Friday! So recently I received a few items from BornPrettyStore for review and one of the items were these beautiful lace decals. I love them! I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t stick well on the curve of my nails (just like with nail wraps – fail) but they stuck so good and so smooth! I am very happy! Only downside is the sheet only comes with enough stickers for one full manicure (all 10 fingers), of course you can just some pieces of it here and there and it will probably last longer. I went ahead as used all variations of the lace that came on the sheet (there were 3 different styles on 1 sheet) You can find them here to see what I am talking about lol. I think they are on sale right now too, but if not you can use code QUENW10 for 10% off your order. 🙂

I also decided to add some gold to this design with some gold striping tape and then to tie everything together I added some gold micro beads on various spots of the lace. It came out pretty cool! I love it, and the stickers made it soooo simple! Which variation is your favorite? #3dnailart for the win! hehehe


Colors used:

Revlon Colorstay – Bare Bones
Salon Perfect Top Coat
Lace Decals
Striping Tape
Micro Beads

One thought on “Nail Art Tutorial – Black Lace Design Using Nail Decals

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