Nail Art Tutorial – Grayscale Leoaprd Design – Hand Painted Nail Art

20150704_045717bThe Nail Art:

Hi guys! How was your 4th of July weekend? (to those whom celebrate it). Hope you had fun and stayed safe :). Today I bring you some matte grayscale leopard nails with an added pop of color…. Wait a minute, I just realized that this is like my 3rd nail design using this grey polish. They were all matte as well (there was the moon nails and the quilted skull nails). Haha well I guess for some reason I have just been into gray/grey; whichever way you choose to spell it. I personally switch between the two all of the time. Okay, I am getting off track now – back to the nail design! So for this matte gray design I opted for some leopard print and decided on a grayscale/monochrome/black and white look lol. I was originally just going to stamp on a leopard print to make it quick and easy but then I decided to hand paint it all because I really wanted the grey print to be only a few shades darker than the base. Since I didn’t have a nail polish that was within a few shades of the base color, I went ahead and mixed black and white acrylic paint to ensure the perfect tone. To add a little pop and pizazz ( I really wanted to say that for some reason – I’m so lame haha) I added a bright blue/aqua color in a base triangle with a stripe. And for the tip of the day: to get the perfect stripe I painted strips of striping tape (that was a bit f a tongue twister there lol) with the same blue polish and then applied them to my nails. So much easier than trying to get a nice clean line with a wonky striping brush :p. Here is the Tutorial:

Video Tutorial:

Colors used:

Salon Perfect – Nail Lac Haze

Revlon Colorstay – Coastal Surf

Salon Perfect Top Coat

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