Monthly Mani Favorites – July 2015

hbgnHey guys, so the design I was creating for today turned into a complete an utter failure and I had no time to redo a new manicure :(. With today being the last day of July I figured I will at least post my monthly mani favorites, which I chose 4. Information and tutorials for each design can be found here on my blog, as well as my YouTube channel.

Design #1: Tropical Chevron

Design #2: Grayscale Leopard

Design #3: Black Lace

Design #4: Sea Love

Which design was your favorite? Have a great weekend! ❤

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Tag – I love Nail Polish


I saw this tag on chicandpolished page and I thought it would be fun to do (even though I wasn’t actually tagged :p)

1. Favorite base coat?

I don’t use base coat all that often since I don’t wear my manicures for very long anymore :/ I usually just use a top coat so that I can peel it off later.

2. Favorite top coat?

Probably Seche Vite or Color Club’s Top Coat

3. Top 3 favorite nail polish brands?

Oh this is a tough one since I don’t usually buy polish because of its brand; I choose a polish based on it’s color. Besides, even a crappy nail polish can become a good one with the right top coat 🙂 If I had to choose though I would say:

  • Color Club – They have a really rich and smooth formula as well as great color options, however they can be pretty expensive.
  • Sinful Colors – They have a great color selection, are readily available, most stamp well, and they are inexpensive.
  • Milani – They have a nice formula, fun colors, I love how easily they apply, and a lot of them work for stamping too. They can be hard to find in stores sometimes though.

4. How often do you paint your nails?

Usually about 2-3 times a week. There have been times where I would do like 3 manicures in day thanks to creative bursts haha

5. Favorite neutral nail polish?

Definitely Revlon Colorstay in Bare Bones! Color Club in Nomadic Nude is a very close second though 🙂

6. Pink or red nail polishes?

Red! Such a classic and elegant color. I have never really been a fan of pink nail polish.

7. Glitter or matte nail polish?

Matte all the way! :p

8. Your go-to nail polish at the moment?

I have no idea… I have been using Salon Perfect Nail Lac Haze and Revlon Colorstay Bare Bones a lot recently, so I guess 1 of those? haha

9. What’s on your nails now?

Don’t look! They are naked right now :p haha I am actually about to dress them up here in a bit when I am finished with this tag so will just have to wait and see 🙂

10. If you had a nail polish line how would you name it?

I would have to keep that a secret until it was trade marked now wouldn’t I? :p hehe

Thanks for reading! Do we have any of these in common? I would love to know! Also, let me know if you guys want me to do more tags like this in the future! 🙂 It was a nice break from the usual nail art blogging ❤ Have a great week!

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Nail Art Tutorial – Sea Love Using Nail Decals


The Nail Art:

Hello! 🙂 I have some more nail decals to show you today. They are gold sea life themed decals from BornPrettyStore. For this design I wanted to keep the color combination simple and opted for a white and tan gradient with a gold accent nail. I also ended up making a second variation that includes a little cameo over the accent nail. I am not sure which I prefer… I love me some 3d nail art but I actually like the subtly of the first design better. :p Which is your favorite?

The Tutorial for the first design can be found below, or you can watch it here. ❤

The Review:

The brand of these decals is ‘Magico’ and it includes one sheet that is decently sized (bigger than the lace sheet from Friday’s design). They are very pretty and there are a lot of individual designs to choose from. There are different types of seashells, mermaids, coral, starfish, etc; there are even a few Little Mermaid themed ones on there! However, the gold is like a foil material and it may bleed or crack with certain top coats. I found that only one of the decals bled and and cracked but it was barely noticeable, overall they are much better than other gold foil stickers I have tried. However, they are a bit pricey for what you actually get (as far as my budget is concerned). If you want to check these nail decals out more click here. Also if you decide that you want to purchase anything from their store, feel free to save 10% with code QUENW10.

20150726_013235aThe Tutorial:

Colors used:

Milani – White On The Spot
Revlon Colorstay – Bare Bones
Salon Perfect Top Coat
Gold Sea Decals
Micro Beads

*All opinions expressed throughout this post are of my own honest thoughts

Nail Art Tutorial – Black Lace Design Using Nail Decals

20150722_115324aThe Nail Art:

Hello and happy Friday! So recently I received a few items from BornPrettyStore for review and one of the items were these beautiful lace decals. I love them! I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t stick well on the curve of my nails (just like with nail wraps – fail) but they stuck so good and so smooth! I am very happy! Only downside is the sheet only comes with enough stickers for one full manicure (all 10 fingers), of course you can just some pieces of it here and there and it will probably last longer. I went ahead as used all variations of the lace that came on the sheet (there were 3 different styles on 1 sheet) You can find them here to see what I am talking about lol. I think they are on sale right now too, but if not you can use code QUENW10 for 10% off your order. 🙂

I also decided to add some gold to this design with some gold striping tape and then to tie everything together I added some gold micro beads on various spots of the lace. It came out pretty cool! I love it, and the stickers made it soooo simple! Which variation is your favorite? #3dnailart for the win! hehehe


Colors used:

Revlon Colorstay – Bare Bones
Salon Perfect Top Coat
Lace Decals
Striping Tape
Micro Beads

False Nail Set – Mermaid Fin

20140720_164459Hi everyone! Sorry for my no post on Monday. My life has just been feeling a bit more hectic than usual and I have been finding it hard to keep up with nail art lately. I really hope to get back on track here soon though 🙂 In the meantime please enjoy this bit of a throwback (for me anyways) of a custom mermaid nail set that I did way back when. I didn’t post it earlier due to always wanting to post my newer/more relevant sets. lol But it is has been pushed to the side for too long now, time for its debut :p hehe

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Nail Art Tutorial – Pink And Gray Floral Half Moon Manicure – Nail Art Stamping

20150715_205728The Nail Art:

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have some pink and gray floral nails for you. I ended up making two variations of this design: 1 plain and simple and 1 with some fun 3d embellishments.

Since I have been making nail tutorial videos I have learned many things: The first thing being that they are not as easy as I assumed they would be lol – they are also very time consuming. Secondly, I understand that many people do not have much nail art supplies or the means of getting them, so it it is much easier for them to follow my tutorials with out all of that crazy stuff :p. At the same time I don’t want to stray away from my typical nail art style (which includes lot’s of embellishments hehe) so to hopefully help with that I thought it would make things a bit easier to include multiple versions.

So here is the second version with the added embellishments. It has been a while since I have used chain; doesn’t it change the style of this design? It added a bit of edge and flare. Which one do you prefer? 🙂



Colors used:

Sephora by OPI – What Aura Gonna Wear?
Pure Ice – Kiss Me Here
Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat
Image Plate:
MyOnlineShop MJXX