Nail Art – Gingham And Daisies


The Nail Art:

It’s still picnic season, time to visit the park and roll out that classic gingham print blanket, light up the grill and gaze at the beautiful flowers! Why not add a bit extra flare with some coordinating nails? 🙂 I was actually inspired by a fashion photograph I came upon on instagram a while back. I can’t remember who it was by, as I just happened to scroll past and I didn’t save it (it wasn’t until now that I even thought about it again). It was of a girl wearing a red gingham dress holding a bouquet of yellow daisies and I thought they complimented each other nicely so I based today’s design off of that pairing. 🙂

(if you happen to know what photo I am talking about please let me know!)



I applied 2 coats of a white base using Sinful Colors Snow me White and then I stamped on a red gingham pattern using Kleancolor Bite Me and Mash image plate 50. Next, I used some yellow acrylic paint and a nail art brush to paint on some little daisies in random spots. I added a white dot to the center of each flower and sealed in the design with a layer of Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat to complete this picnic styled look.

Colors used:

Sinful Colors – Snow Me White

Kleancolor – Bite Me

Yellow Acrylic Paint

White Acrylic Paint

Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Image Plates:

Mash 50


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