Nail Art Wheel of May

20150509_180829Testing testing. 1, 2, 3. Does anyone ever read what I write? lol I am having one of those “blah” days; I feel exhausted and my mind is all cloudy… but I must attend to my blog! Even if I am sitting here trying to convince my self out of writing a post… It is just one of those moments where I am like ” Nobody reads it anyway”. haha But it is okay because I know writing isn’t my strong suit when it comes to this blog, and I’m sure a lot of what I do write probably isn’t very interesting either haha. There are just so many times where I have no idea what to talk about or what you guys want to read. Help a girl a out here! A penny for your thoughts? 🙂 In the meantime enjoy what you are really here for: the nail art! :p

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11 thoughts on “Nail Art Wheel of May

  1. I read what you write! I often have times of self doubt myself, ‘why bother writing/rambing on for a few paragraphs when people only probably read the first few sentences’ sort of days. But I do fall foul to doing that myself some times, only reading the first few sentences of peoples posts and then moving on so….
    P.S love the blue roses!

  2. I read! 🙂 I love all of your nail art creations, and once I get some striping tape I’m going to attempt to recreate some of your Manicures.

    As for feeling blah and not knowing which direction to go or what to write about, I’m on same page. Usually on days like that I just post huge pictures and don’t say much lol. Did you ever find out how you done in the MoYou contest? Your entries were awesome!

    • Oh yay! Thank you so much 🙂
      Yeah it can be difficult to find something to write about as well as trying to squeeze in a bit of personality haha.

      MoYou will be announcing the winners in their upcoming June magazine. I don’t know who they will pick but I had a lot of fun with it either way. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Personally, I love your nail art! I know it might not seem like anyone reads/cares about your blog (I know the feeling all too well, my friend!), but yours is so gorgeous, it’s truly a delight to see it pop up in my feed. Keep doing what you’re doing, and I wish you luck!

  4. I read posts! I love to read & I definitely feel you on the ‘blah’ days, I just realized it’s been 10 days since I’ve posted anything, I didn’t do nails for Memorial Day, & I’ve got so many new polishes I just haven’t made myself write anything. But I’m working on it! If nothing else I carry a small notebook with me, & jot down thoughts as I get time. My biggest problem atm is getting time to swatch anything.. 😓 But I’m trying to make time, hopefully I’ll have something up soon, hang in there. ❤️💅🏻

    • Wonderful, thanks! 🙂 I have some new nail polishes as well, I can’t seem to stop buying them! haha It can be overwhelming sometimes when it comes to creating a new design; like which one do I pick!? lol Hope you can get back into your routine soon, but that’s a cool idea to keep a notebook in the meantime! 🙂

      • I know right? I have way too many already lol, & just found 3 subscription boxes monthly that I’m trying, plus ordered some from Julep, Zoya & KBShimmer & some thermal polishes I found on Amazon from BMC lol. 😁😁😁 The last thing I need is more nail polish but I actually had the extra money for once & was dying to try some polish brands I wasn’t able to get my hands in before! I’ll have plenty to write about when all that comes in lmao, but I’m so excited to get to play with them!

      • Oh wow! You are worse than me! hehe Sounds like you certainly have some work cut out for you but it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun to play around with also. 🙂 I have a thing for buying random off brand polishes I will probably never find again lmao and I seem to be into retired colors as well. I usually never have the money when I buy them either haha, but I hope to try some newer brands in the future as well. 🙂

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