Nail Art Stamping – Zodiac


Hello everyone! This is my second entry into the MoYou London Instagram contest. This time I chose the pin up character from the Zodiac Collection. I was really drawn in by her colorful hair and whimsical pose, so I based today’s nail art mostly off of those elements.20150518_235233I focused on her hair color as my nail polish base and sponged on a purple, teal and blue ombre. I next took some inspiration from her v-neck blouse and created a V going down my nail with a silver Holo polish, I opted for this color to represent the stars she has on and that is represented in the theme of this collection. I really wanted to stamp some stars over the silver but I did not have any MoYou plates with stars :/. I decided to choose a more “whimsical” like pattern and ended up going with the little lace detail from Tourist plate 07. I incorporated some silver star rhinestones and black rhinestones on my accent nail to pull the look together and I completed the look by applying a layer of Seche Vite top coat. Here are the products I used:

Colors used:

Milani – Violet Dash

LA Girl Disco Brites – Vinyl Record

Sinful Shine – Al Fresco

Milani 3D Holographic – HD

Kleancolor – Black

Seche Vite Top Coat

Image Plates:

MoYou Tourist Collection 07


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