Simple Nail Art Using Essie Nail Wraps

20150506_234913aDoes anyone else have problems using nail wraps? I have never been too fond of them because I always seem to have problems with them adhering to my nails smoothly – I think my nails are too curved for them to work properly. It kind of makes me sad because there are so many cute designs out there! Sometimes I will just buy them anyways, thinking I will make them work somehow, but they just end up sitting in a box somewhere 😦

Well not anymore! I decided to give them one more try, this time by cutting them into smaller pieces and using them more like decals. In today’s design I used Essie Nail Wraps called Glam It On placed over Sinful Colors Winterberry (Yay another unused polish down – a few hundred more to go! lol). I kept the overall design of this manicure super simple as it was more of a test design than anything else.

20150506_234802aI started with 2 layers of the metallic purple and while I was waiting for it to dry I began cutting even strips of the nail wraps. I then placed a strip at the center of each nail and smoothed them out the best that I could. I decided to not apply any top coat so that the nail wraps wouldn’t warp. This also allowed for me to test the durability of the nail wraps on their own and I found that they stuck to my nails quite good!

I was pretty happy that by cutting the wraps into strips I was able to apply them to my nails a bit smoother. There were still some lumps in a few areas, which I expected a few, but overall it worked out much better for me this way. I am hoping I can use all my nail wraps this way now!

Colors used:

Sinful Colors – Winterberry

Materials Used:

Essie Nail Wraps – Glam It On


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