Negative Space Nail Art – Moroccan Appeal


How many polishes have you bought  that you still have yet to use? Too many for me! I always seem to buy a handful here and there, and tell myself that I will use them all in upcoming nail art but it just never seems to work out. I am trying to get to all of them before they just get forgotten on the shelf amongst the other array of colors. So I am starting off with a few Salon Perfect polishes from a previous buy that I have slowly but surely started to use (one by one). For instance in today’s nail art I used Salon Perfect Gone Sailing.


Isn’t it a lovely color? Teals and Turquoises are definitely some of my favorite colors and here I have paired it with one of my now favorite nail art technique/style – Negative Space.

I created this nail look by applying a very thin layer of Milani 3D Holographic polish in the color 509 HD. My aim was to only have a bit of the color popping through.

After that I used Kleancolor Black to stamp on a geometric design from Pueen plate 89. The great thing about stamped negative space designs is that the image selection is really endless. Almost any image will work to create a negative space effect when stamped over your bare nails. 🙂

After stamping all of my nails I proceeded to outline/frame the outside of my nails using a small detailing brush and black acrylic paint.

When that was dry I began placing striping tape to form a diamond shape in the center of each nail. I then filled in the shape with 2 coats of Salon Perfect Gone Sailing. I quickly removed the tape and outlined the edges of the diamonds with black acrylic paint.

Lastly I placed an optional rhinestone at the center of each diamond to create an alternative look as well as make the holo glitter pop out more. I completed the look by applying a layer of Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

20150416_005013aColors used:

Milani 3D Holographic – 509 HD

Kleancolor – Black

Salon Perfect – Gone Sailing

Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat

Image Plate:

Pueen Plate 89


6 thoughts on “Negative Space Nail Art – Moroccan Appeal

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