Nail Art Stamping – Bright Brocade – Matte Nails

20150420_185744aHello!! It’s Friday, whoop whoop! Do you remember my Mad Hatter nails? Well quite a few people seemed to like it, they especially liked my pinky nail. lol So I decided to just go ahead and do a whole manicure like that nail. I really wanted to put something else over the design as well, like a chandelier or something, however nothing was working and I actually thought it looked good as is. Literally, I mean I did not even apply a top coat to this design, it just didn’t need one at the time…Wish I would have applied a gloss coat for the sake of a second picture at least though. This was the only decent photo I got out of about 15 snapshots! 😮 Anyways here are the materials I used to create this simple colorful look:

Colors used:

Scented Nail Color- Raspberry

Scented Nail Color -Tropical Fruit

Image Plate:

MoYou London Tourist Collection 07

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3 thoughts on “Nail Art Stamping – Bright Brocade – Matte Nails

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