Simple Easter Nail Art – Colorful Chevrons

20150331_030401Happy Easter! I hope you guys have a fun filled weekend! I am actually doing something kind of different for Easter tomorrow. I am doing a zombie apocalypse run shoot out thing. lol I am not sure what to call it, all I know is I get to run around and “shoot” some zombies, so that should be cool!
Aw dang I should have done some zombie Easter nails, that also would have been cool! lol Eh, guess we will just have to settle for these simple colorful nails instead! :p

Since Easter sneaked up on me like a brain hungry zombie (Ha), this kind of ended up being a last minute design. It is also super simplified because after using 8 different nail polishes, I kind of had enough of it lol. I was going to add some Easter egg stamp decals as well but it just started being way too much for my eyes to handle…So I left it like this and hey it still works! Plus it was quick and is super colorful. 🙂 Here is the long list of nail polish I used to create this look:

Colors used:

Sinful Colors – Song Of Summer

Sinful Shine – Spitfire

Salon Perfect – Baby Blues

Kleancolor – Pastel Yellow

Sinful Colors – Hey, You!

Kleancolor – Lavenbaby

YH Beja Cosmetics – Color 58

Sinful Shine – Bananappeal

Seche Vite – Top Coat

Image Plate:

Bundle Monster Plate 423


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