Stamping Nail Art – Coloring Book

20150210_010241Well isn’t this just a hot mess. Seriously though I messed up in so many spots, but oh well. After spending a ton of time trying to fix it I just ended up messing it up more, so I gave up and snapped pics like it was the most beautiful design ever! Got to work with you got, right? In all honesty it really isn’t that bad, I am just poking fun because I was so annoyed with all of the squiggly lines haha,

I was going to go a different route with this design to begin with, but then I decided to try out the lead light technique (where you color in the image after it has been stamped). Ideally you are to use sheers/tints or jelly polishes, as to not cover up the outlines, but I don’t have many polishes like that so I used the sheerest yet bright colors I had. Which were: NYC Jacaranda Flower and Milani Neon Pink Rocks! Maybe that was part of the problem with this design too haha. This technique works best over white so I started with a base of Kleancolor White then stamped with Kleancolor Black using a few images from Mash plate 64. After filling that in I sealed the design with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat and wished I had just used a regular gloss top coat instead. lol

Colors used:

Kleancolor – White

Kleancolor – Black

NYC – Jacaranda Flower

Milani Neon – Pink Rocks!

Wet n Wild – Matte Top Coat

Image Plate:

Mash Plate 64


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