Nail Art Wheel – Freehand Fun

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Practicing my free-handing again and I really like the way a lot of these turned out! I still have yet to try anything major on my real nails though, but some of these are so nice I might give it a go.

All of the designs are hand drawn with acrylic paint over regular nail polish. The neon green one (bottom left) just has a lighter stripe down the middle lol. I think that was one of the lasts ones I did and I just ran out of Ideas haha. The leopard print one above that was just more of a fun idea; I drew leopard spots/marks around chunky glitters. And for the turquoise and pinkish geometric nail at the top, that was my attempt at seeing if I could copy a stamping image from a stamping image (from one of the Cici&Sisi plates), I believe it came out pretty close. 🙂

If you have any questions about any of the designs or you think I should make a full manicure of one, let me know! ❤

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