Nail Art – It’s My Blog’s 1 Year Anniversary

Hello ladies! I am excited to announce that today is my 1 year blog anniversary!! I have had a lot of fun learning and growing on here and I hope to keep it up for more years to come. 😛 I never really knew what to expect out of this blog, as I had started it more as a way to keep track of my designs for myself and anyone else who would be interested. Though, I have still picked up a few followers along the way, and some of you have even been following me since day 1. Like WonderfulWolf, whom was my very first follower (and supporter) and made me feel so welcomed. We still follow each other today! 🙂  I just want to let you know that I really appreciate the support from all of you, so thank you! ❤

In light of this small personal achievement I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and share my very first blog post ever. You can also see the original here if you would like.

“Welcome to my blog! Here I will share with you my love of nail art, and if you love damask and baroque as much as I do; consider that an extra bonus 😉.”

Nail Art Wheel“I thought it would be a good start to show you a small variety of designs so you can get a little look into what’s to come.I usually use any left over color wheels as practice and sometimes it’s hit or miss. Some come out decent and sometimes others are a mess, but it is always fun! Besides practice makes perfect right? 🙂 I think my favorite design on this wheel is “Sir Ruffington”. Haha yes.. I named it. I just think the little dog and his bow-tie is so cute and fun! Which one is your favorite? What would you name it? 😀

“I really look forward to sharing with you and I hope you can find some inspiration of your own, thanks for checking in!”

It is kind of funny looking back on this, because back then I thought it would be fun/cute/clever whatever to refer to any followers as my “Damsels in Damask”. I think I quickly changed my mind about that by the next post… but what if I hadn’t? What would you guys think if I referred to you as Damsels in Damask? 😛

Also looking back though, I may not have stuck with my original plan of nicknaming you all but I did stick to posting nail wheels and naming my designs. :p They may not be as quirky as “Sir Ruffington” but I still have fun… 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed going back in time with me and I look forward to seeing what the future holds, for all of us! ❤


9 thoughts on “Nail Art – It’s My Blog’s 1 Year Anniversary

  1. Haha well I wouldn’t have followed you if I didn’t see the potential ;p Your nail art is amazing (and without sounding cheeky, it’s gotten so much better) so stick around and keep doing what you do! Congratulations!

    • Haha thank you so much! And I know what you mean, I have seen a lot of improvement in my work throughout the year as well. There is probably always room for more too, so I will stick around :p

  2. Congratulations, and happy first anniversary! And it’s a big accomplishment, too – I once read that something like 97% of blogs fail in the first year and don’t get past the three month mark. So those pats on the back are well deserved!

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