3d Stamping Nail Art – Majestic

20150112_024401Trial and error with this design! haha It took me quite a few attempts to get it just right, and it’s still not perfect. However I still love the end result, I think this may even be one of my favorite designs that I have done thus far. It is just so bright and intricate and of course I have to appreciate it for all the work I put into it lol.

For the base color I used this vibrant blue from Sinful Colors called Endless Blue. I knew the stamping would be a bit tricky for this particular design that I went ahead and added a layer of topcoat beforehand. Just in case I were to make any mistakes, this would make it a bit easier to resolve. For the actual stamping I decided to use Wet n Wild French White Creme since I have found that often times a thinner consistency of polish works better at filling in all of the details for intricate designs like this one which is from plate QA96.

After I finished the stamping (to the best I could haha) I sealed it with another layer of topcoat. Utilizing the little bit of time I had before it dried completely I added a large pearl to the center and began adorning the basic outline of the image with micro beads and striping tape. The end design kind of reminds me of Indian tapestries or perhaps henna designs. What do you think?

Colors used:

Sinful Colors – Endless Blue

Wet n Wild – French White

Seche Vite

Image Plate:



6 thoughts on “3d Stamping Nail Art – Majestic

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