False Nail Set – Pink Rose Cameo

20141113_155038 20141113_155048Hi guys! If you have followed my blog for a while now you probably have noticed that aside from creating nail art on my real nails, I also enjoy creating false sets. I really enjoy duplicating my nail designs onto false nails (and sometimes the other way around). Not only is it great practice but it also allows me to psychically share my nail art with others. It also makes it to where my design can last forever as a sort of art piece (in a sense) as some sets I even like to frame and hang on the wall. I often tell others that they can do the same too; if you can’t wear them you can always frame them! haha It is art after all though isn’t it?.. Just done on a different kind of canvas ;). Anyways, if you are ever interested in checking out my false nail sets, or wearing them, or framing them, you can look me up on Etsy or Storenvy. I also accept custom orders if you want a different design or a custom fit, just contact me through Etsy. ❤

This particular set is available here or here.

Have a great day everyone!


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