Stamping Nail Art – Blue Damask

20150109_204245 I was watching CSI the other day (an older episode) and I noticed some wallpaper in the background of one of the rooms they were in. It was a dark blue and classic damask paneled wallpaper and I fell in love with it. Leave it to me to look at everything else in the scene… I don’t remember much else of that episode but that wallpaper stuck in my mind and I just had to make a design based off of it. So here is my recreation of that wallpaper!

20150109_203836I started off by applying a couple coats of Wet n Wild French White Creme in which I stamped over with a black damask from image plate QA90 (really wish I had the MoYou Fashionista plate for this!! :[ ). When that had dried I taped off the tip and painted the rest using Revlon Indigo Night. I then applied top coat and adorned the raw edge with some black pearls.

Colors used:

Wet n Wild – White

Kleancolor – Black

Revlon – Indigo Night

Image Plate:



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