Stamping Nail Art – Plaid Please

20150108_143709 20150108_14401520150108_144437I love me some plaid and I am pretty happy with how this turned out considering I didn’t have a plan when I started it! I did a classic black and red pairing and accented it with a small pop of gold. I started with a base of Kleancolor Blood and stamped over that using the plaid image from plate QA96 with Kleancolor Black. I then taped off the nails leaving a bare strip in the center that I sponged on a thick layer of black, it kind of gave it a raised look and looks a bit like leather don’t you think? I sealed the design with a layer of Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat and finally added the various gold studs. 🙂

I don’t know if you could tell by the pictures but, due to gloomy weather, I experimented with some different lighting set ups. I am not really sure how I feel about it yet… The light really washed out my skin it was so bright even though it is pretty accurate of my skin tone (ghostly white! hahaha). The nail design itself looks pretty great and the coloring is awesome too, I just don’t know about how it makes my skin look; my boyfriend said they looked Photoshopped lol. What do you think? I personally really like the last picture. The nails themselves pop, the relaxed gesture is nice, and I do kind of like how smooth the bright light makes my skin look haha however it does kind of look Photoshopped that way and it is also very white! Anyways I would really like to hear your opinions regarding it. 🙂

Colors used:

Kleancolor – Blood

Kleancolor – Black

Wet n Wild – Matte Top Coat

Image Plate:



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