Baroquen Nails Nail Art – 2014 Recap

2014all20142014allf2014aBefore it gets any later into the year, I wanted to take this time to look back into 2014! I have almost been blogging for 1 year now (Anniversary is Jan 27) woo hoo :). Here is a quick overview of 2014:

Picture 1: A collage of practically every manicure/natural nail design that I posted (does not include swatches or variations). You can see all of my 2014 manicures here.

Picture 2: A collage of my all time 13 favorite manicure designs from throughout the year. The center picture reflects not only my favorite manicure but also a favorite amongst my social media followers! It was also a winning design in Mo You London’s Alice In Wonderland Contest, held on Instagram. 🙂

Picture 3: A collage of mostly every single false nail set and all 12 of my monthly nail art wheels posted during 2014. You can see all of my 2014 false nail sets here.

Picture 4: A close-up of the 12 nail art wheels from 2014 (one is repeated) which can all be found on their own here.

I am just missing a collage of the practice nails I posted. I decided not to put that one together because I stopped make them pretty early into the year and they also weren’t that popular. However if you would like to look over them they can be found here.

So I would say 2014 was a pretty fun year full of nail art! Here is to 2015 and the many creations to come! May it be a great year for all of us. 🙂

Which of these did you look forward to seeing the most from my blog? 😀

Much love! ❤


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