New Years Nail Art – Goodbye 2014


And hello 2015! 2014 was a good year, kind of sad that it is over so soon (well not quite yet for me lol) but hopefully 2015 will be even better (for all of us!). Here is a simple sponged New Year design for you; I sponged on Kleancolor Holo Orange, Holo Chrome and Kiss Goodbye to be the fireworks’ sparks. I stamped over it in Wet n Wild French White Creme using the fireworks image from Bundle Monster plate H14. I then hand painted the numbers using black acrylic paint and sealed the design with a layer of Seche Vite top coat.

One thing I hope to improve on in the new year is my actual blogging skills. By that I mean what I write; my body of text. I feel like I never know what to really write. I don’t do tutorials or reviews so I never really had the intention of “blogging” in the beginning but then I thought that kind of defeats the purpose of a blog… lol. I am not sure what information I should or shouldn’t include or what information you guys want! Do you care about what is written here or do you just care about the content (nail art)? Any tips would be great. 🙂

Colors used:

Kleancolor – Holo Orange

Kleancolor Holo Chrome

Kleancolor – Kiss Goodbye

Wet n Wild – French White Creme

Black Acrylic Paint

Image Plate:

Bundle Monster plate H14


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