3d Nail Art – Chain Reaction


These are a few of my favorite things! Really though, I love using caviar beads and chain (also pearls :p) haha and here they all are beautifully paired over a matte black. I used Milani Black Magic and sealed it with Wet N Wild’s Matte top coat. I arranged the 3d elements in a stringed pattern, using the matte top coat to stick them down. I really love the way it turned out, it kind of reminds me of a handbag lol. Just don’t stare at them too much or they start looking like smiley faces haha :).

Colors used:

Milani – Black Magic

Wet n Wild – Matte Top Coat


4 thoughts on “3d Nail Art – Chain Reaction

  1. Don’t the chains get stuck on something & pull off?
    anytime I have nail art like that (not nice thin decals) usually within an hour or sometime the same night I do them.. something pops off 😦

    • If I plan on wearing a design like this for a while, I will secure the pieces with nail glue, and they surprisingly don’t get snagged all that often. Sometimes they will but I don’t keep manicures on very long anymore anyways lol :P.

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