Alice In Wonderland Nail Art – Alice


So it’s been really busy around here, with the Holiday coming up and everything, and I feel like I have been a bit behind. I realized that the last false nail set I posted… I have already posted before lmao. And also if you had noticed my last manicure was a recreation of a previous one… I felt like I barely had time to make this manicure as well, but I really wanted to complete the challenge! It may be a bit of a last minute design (and a little plain) but it works and is actually pretty cute considering. :p

I started off by using Kleancolor Beach Blue and then I stamped on a few designs from my Moyou Tourist Collection 07 plate using Kleancolor white. For the pointer I used the striped image but removed the stripes and reverse stamped the lace part. The other fingers are full stamps and I just added a black heart rhinestone and a little 3d bow i made, to add a little extra detail. I finished the look by adding top coat and my final Alice in Wonderland design was complete 🙂

I really LOVE Alice In Wonderland so much! I had had so much fun doing these manicures, I may just have to do some more in the future, challenge or not :D.

Colors used:

Kleancolor – Beach Blue

Kleancolor – White

Image Plate:

MoYou Tourist Collection 07


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