Halloween Nail Art – Blood And Fishnets

20140915_143015 20140915_153146 20140915_161144_Richtone(HDR)

Okay, so this is actually the first Halloween manicure I did this month. I created this look weeks ago but I never posted it because when I found the Bundle Monster challenge, I dedicated my manicures to that. hehe Since it is Halloween today and officially the last day of October, I thought it would be perfect timing to finally post this manicure 🙂 lol

I am also including a swatch of the base color in Milani Violet Dash, which says it is a high speed fast dry one coat formula. It definitely is, it was opaque in 1 coat like it states and it does dry fast, a little too fast that the one layer didn’t look smooth enough so I added a second coat.

To get into the nail art I started by sponging on some Kleancolor Black in random areas, then stamped the fishnet image from Pueen plate 25 over each nail. For the blood I mixed together Color Club Red-ical Gypsy and Color Club Haute Couture, then created the dripping effect using a dotting tool. I chose to do a matte variation and a shiny variation, I definitely prefer the matte, how about you?

The end result kind of looks more like a bloody ice cream cone to me lmao!

By the way: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! 😀 I hope you all have fun!!

Colors used:

Milani – Violet Dash

Color Club – Red-ical Gypsy

Color Club – Haute Couture

Kleancolor – Black

Matte top coat

Image Plate:

Pueen Plate 25


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