Halloween Nail Art – Love Potion

20141012_154950 20141012_160007

Hi guys!! Here is yet another manicure for the Bundle Monster challenge :p. This was for Day 23 (which is actually tomorrow lol early!) and the theme is potions. I kind of tried to create something different and decided to do a love potion (with the intent of it being a spooky love potion lol). I thought the idea was pretty clever at the time but it didn’t seem very Halloween-ish. So then I thought instead of putting ‘love’ I will put ‘hate’, that is more dark! But then was like no…is there even such a thing as a ‘hate potion’? Probably not…  hahaha So anyways here it is: my love potion manicure! Hopefully the orange nail polish helps it be more Halloween related. Lmao!

I started with a base of this orange sherbert scented nail polish, which unfortunately has no brand name! The bottle is in the picture though, so if anyone knows who makes it please let me know! It smells really good and is super opaque too! lol To continue, I stamped on the swirl image from Bundle Monster plate 418 using Kleancolor White, then with black I stamped on each letter from Bundle Monster plate 426. What do you think? Does it work for Halloween or is it a fail? lol :p

On a side note: I may not be posting any nail art until Monday, as I will be out of town this weekend! If I find the time I may upload Friday’s post tomorrow (Thursday).

Colors used:

Unknown Brand –  Sherbert Scented

Kleancolor – White

Kleancolor – Black

Image Plate:

Bundle Monster 418

Bundle Monster 426


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