Halloween Nail Art – Ghostly Stripes


Here is the nail art I did for Day 6 of the Bundle Monster challenge; the theme was ghosts. It isn’t exactly what I had imagined. I was originally going for ghost cameos, or ghost pictures on striped wallpaper. As you can see on my middle finger I messed up with the stamping, so let’s just say that that ghost is flying out of its picture frame :p hehe.

I started with a base of Kleancolor Neon Purple then with Kleancolor Black I stamped on stripes from Bundle Monster plate 411, then with Winstonia plate 221, in Kleancolor White, I stamped on the ghosts and added faces. Finally I added a matte top coat and voila, a simple and cute Halloween design :p


Colors used:

Kleancolor – Neon Purple

Kleancolor – Black

Kleancolor -White

Matte Top Coat

Image Plate:

Bundle Monster 411

Winstonia 221


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