Halloween Nail Art – Love Kills


Here is another Halloween nail art I did for day 3 of the challenge, the theme was blood. I went ahead and made two variations of this design but the idea is still the same – a bloody love letter. I first started with a base of Revlon Bare Bones and stamped over that with 2 love letter images from Bundle Monster plates 311 and 405. I then splattered red acrylic paint over the design and used a matter top coat. For the second variation – the burnt version – I sponged black and a dark brown splotches in random areas then removed the center of the dots with acetone, leaving only the edge of the splotches to achieve the burn effect.

This was my first attempt at burnt nails, and it was so muc

h fun! I have just been thinking of all the other designs I could use this technique on now hahaha. Which variation do you prefer? 🙂


Colors used:

Revlon Colorstay – Bare Bones

Kleancolor – Black

Kleancolor – Brown

Red acrylic paint

Image Plate:

Bundle Monster 311

Bundle Monster 405


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