Swatch – Milani Glitzy Glam

20140901_161648Remember those Milani nail polishes I posted a while back, saying I would swatch them? lol Well here is another swatch! This one is Milani Glitzy Glam. I applied 2 coats on my natural nails and did not use a top coat. This is a really pretty, sparkly berry color and I will be posting nail art for it come Wednesday! 🙂


Milani Glitzy Glam


Smooth texture, Dries fast, Does not stain your nails, Opaqueness reached in 2 coats


Can separate, Can dry too quickly and clump on the brush

Info based on my personal opinion of course 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Swatch – Milani Glitzy Glam

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