Mini Haul – Milani Nail Lacquer


I mentioned in a previous post that I have been buying a lot of nail polish recently and I thought I would share some of it in case anyone is interested, (plus I get to take fun pictures of them :p). I have been buying small batches at a time of various brands, which has accumulated over the month, though I am only going to be sharing the ones I haven’t already mentioned or used in a design, keep it fresh lol. I do plan on swatching all of the colors for you too, so look for those later 🙂

This little batch is of Milani nail lacquers, which is actually one of my favorite nail polishes at the moment. These were some of the ones I picked up the earliest so I thought I would share them first. The colors from left to right are as follows:


Glitzy Glam

Neon – Techno Red


Just Juicy

Magenta Metal

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3 thoughts on “Mini Haul – Milani Nail Lacquer

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