Swatch – Wet N Wild Fergie

20140822_140335I have a swatch for you today! I have been buying a lot various nail polishes lately so I figured I should start sharing them with you. Some of them have probably been out for a while or are older, but they are new to me! :p haha This gorgeous blue by Wet n Wild from the Fergie collection is called Havasu Blue. I found it at an outlet store for $1! I really love the color, it goes on opaque, has a wider brush than the regular Wet n Wild polishes, it also dries pretty quick, and it does not stain. However there is one issue with it, it smells horrible! I don’t know if it is just this one bottle/color or all of them, but it really stinks lol. It isn’t even that cheap nail polish chemical smell either, no this bottle of nail polish right here straight up smells like wait for it…. marijuana/weed! It is so weird…has anyone else had the same issue with this polish? I want to know if I’m not the only one! hahaha

Color – Wet n Wild Fergie Havasu Blue

Pros – Opaque, Smooth texture, Wider brush, Dries quick, Does not stain your nails

Cons – Smells horrible


6 thoughts on “Swatch – Wet N Wild Fergie

  1. I ones had a strange smelly polish too, almost the same blue as yours but from a different brand so I think it’s the color that smells that way, not the brand 😉😉
    But it’s a gorgeous color 💙💙 annyway lol

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