Natural Nail Art Of The Week – A New Spin On Something Old

20140709_090748 20140709_123322 20140709_124027I was looking at some of my first posts on here and when I saw my “Glitter And Studs” design I wanted to recreate it. I liked the design but the picture quality wasn’t that great. I want to make up for that by redoing it with a fresh twist. For this recreation I wanted to do an ombre/gradient and ended up making three variations of it. 

The first picture is a bit more true to the original as I kept the gold accent nail, but instead of using glitter I used a metallic polish. I also changed the stud design by only adding them to the gold part of the gradient. Looking at it now I wish I had left the ring finger completely purple and still added the gold stud diamond pattern. It would have been more true to the original.

For the second variation I changed the accent nail from the metallic gold to the straight purple. And for the third variation I added a row of studs to that purple accent nail. Which ultimately for me made it the most different from the original. Overall I can’t decide between the first 2 lol. Which one do you like best? 🙂

Colors used:

Kleancolor True Purple

Wet n Wild Chrome Show At The Palladium


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