Tips And Tricks #1 – Make Your Own Colored Studs


A while back I had a done a few manicures where I wish I had specific colored studs like black or red etc. but since I didn’t have those, I would just end up using whatever I did have. If this also happens to you and you don’t want to spend the extra money to buy pre-colored studs, then this technique will come in handy. Just in case you were not aware of this technique yet; here is my version! 🙂 

  1. The first (and most obvious :p) step is to pick the studs you want to recolor. 
  2. Next pick whichever nail polish you would like to use. You can also use acrylic paint, sharpies, or even spray paint if you want to be daring or make a large batch. 
  3. You will then want to place the studs onto either a piece of plastic, aluminum foil, a piece of tape, or similar surface (something you can easily remove the studs from).  
  4. Proceed to paint the studs until desired opaqueness/effect is reached
  5. While the studs are still wet I like to slide them using an orange wood stick (or tweezers) to a clean piece of the plastic. This helps you remove the studs easier when they are dry and it helps give them a cleaner edge. 
  6. When the studs have dried just secure them to your design, and you are done!

This is a really great way to save money and get custom colored studs that coordinate with any manicure.The colors I used in this tutorial were NYC City Sweets Pink and Wet n Wild Chrome Stay Outta My Bismuth.

ps..sorry for the crappy pictures lol, I have had such a busy weekend and I rushed to get this finished in time 😮


2 thoughts on “Tips And Tricks #1 – Make Your Own Colored Studs

  1. I will definitely have to try the trick you suggested about moving the studs while still slightly damp. I tried this last weekend with some gold stars that came in a wheel kit, Loved the Stars but not the yellow gold, I tried to color them but my edges were a disaster! thanks!!!

    • Yeah, that’s why I mainly prefer to use plastic over tape because they are easier to move around. I used the tape for this tutorial and it was a bit trickier. One stud had a rigid edge because I couldn’t move it lol

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