Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Mystic Mermaid


This manicure was was my first ocean inspired design, and it was so much fun to make! I started off by sponging various blues and turquoises, the colors I used were; Color Club’s Cold Metal, Kleancolor’s Pearl Jungle, Teal Marble, and Unforgettable memories. I then stamped a few of my nails with the scale image from Pueen plate15 as well a mermaid image from Winstonia plate 108 on one nail. Finally, I adorned the nails with various sized pearls, gold micro beads, and a few beautifully detailed gold seashell studs. I really love the end result of this design! I might have went a little overboard with the pearls, but for this design I think the more details the better! 🙂


  • Color Club Cold Metal
  • Kleancolor Pearl Jungle
  • Kleancolor Teal Marble
  • Kleancolor Unforgettable Memories

Image Plates:

  • Winstonia 108
  • Pueen 15

8 thoughts on “Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Mystic Mermaid

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