Practice Nail – Floral French


I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I made this nail lol. Looking at it now, the color scheme doesn’t really work in the way I have it. I feel like it is 2 different styled designs combined into one. Perhaps I should have added some pink micro beads between the rhinestones, or used a more modern or geometric stamping image; maybe that would have pulled it all together. What do you think? :p


False Nail Set – Pink And Gold Baroque


This is the false nail set of the design I did a few weeks back. It is basically the exact same except that I changed the positioning of the pearl stripes. On this set they are facing in, while on the natural design I had them facing out. Overall I think I actually prefer them facing in though. :p

Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Simple Gold And Yellow


I have a very simple design for you today, all that is needed is some striping tape and chain. Any color combination would work, but for this design I went with yellow and gold. I started off with Kleancolor pastel yellow, added some gold striping tape, and finally some gold chain and of course top coat. This is by far one of the easiest manicures I have done. lol I hope you like it 🙂

Practice Nail – Handpainted Flowers And Polka Dots


I have been practicing my free-handing skills and lately the focus has been on flowers. I made this practice nail and am also working on next months nail art wheel. I think my practice is slowly paying off because this looks much better than what I could do before lol.  I threw on the polka dots after and when I put on the top coat it smudged a little here and there, but other than that it looks really cute! 🙂

False Nail Set – 80’s Leopard


I have a pretty simple set for you guys today! It wasn’t exactly my plan to make these 80’s themed however, but by the time they were finished that is the appeal I felt like they had. lol I think it was from the sponged teals and the chunky leopard print :P. I sponged 2 teal colors, YH Beja Cosmetics Nail polish #38 and Kleancolor’s Catch Me, there is also a bit of white sponged on. The silver is by Milani 3d Holographic #509 HD, which I love!! I also free handed some chunky leopard spots and embellished with gray rhinestones. Does this set remind you of the 80’s too? 🙂

Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Cool Blue


Since it has been so hot here, I wanted to do a cool and refreshing design. This design was very simple and quick too. I started off with Kleancolor’s pastel blue, added some images from Cheeky’s jumbo plate E, lined my ring finger with white striping tape, and finally topped it with a few rhinestones (and don’t forget the top coat :p). I think the drying time took longer than doing the actual design lol :).

Nail Art Wheel Of The Month ❤


I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. 🙂 It is time for a monthly nail art wheel! This one has a few designs you have probably seen in previous posts, that is because I actually practiced the design on here first and if I liked it, I used it :). I tried to do a few different designs on this wheel and tried to use colors I don’t normally use, so it is kind of random. For instance the summer snowflakes lol and the burnt wood textured nail (which was a total accident lol), I don’t know what I was thinking haha. There are still some cute designs on here though, I especially love the cameo. Which nail is your favorite, or that you would like to see me incorporate into a full design? 🙂