False Nail Set – Geometric Edge


This set was rather spontaneous. I was going through my image plates and noticed the abundance of images I have never used, I mean I never even tested some of them. So I picked one and made a nail design with it. The stamp I chose for this design was from Cheeky jumbo plate A, I paired it with Kleancolor pastel purple, and finished it up by adding some silver chains and studs. By the way the pastel purple here is actually not the right shade, I received a bad batch/bottle, but the color is still really pretty so it works lol.


Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Royal Ruffian


Believe it or not this is actually my first ruffian manicure. I am not really sure why that is, I guess I just always forgot about it lol. Either way it is here now and I love it! haha Mind you it is not the typical/classic ruffian, that is because like with most of my designs I always vamp it up in some way, and this time I lined the ruffian with gold micro beads. I did originally have the design without them but it tied in with the jeweled cameo (reminds me of a crown with the blue rhinestones) and brought the whole look together. For the neutral base color I used Color Club Nomadic In Nude and the blue is Sapphire by Kleancolor.

Practice Nail – Split In Two

20140325_170749 20140325_170804

I am planning on making this a full nail design sometime later, as for now I guess this is a sneak peek. lol I might change the color though :o.The blue color on this nail is yet another one I mixed up myself, it is pretty it’s like a powdery grey-blue color.  The stamp I used was Cheeky jumbo plate 3.

False Nail Set – Modern Matte


This design originally had a glossy finish, then I decided to use some matte top coat and I think it came out way better! It also has mixed design elements; french manicure and negative space, which actually seem to work together :).

Natural Nail Art Of The Week – It’s Wednesday


I saw the above image on Tumblr and I believe it is fan art with a quote from the movie Mean Girls. I really liked the colors and the font, since I post manicures on Wednesdays I thought it would be super fun and fitting to recreate on my nails :). The only thing I wish I has also done was to do my other hand saying “wear” so when they are together it would say “wear pink”. That would have been much more representative, but for some reason I only put “pink”, oh well lol.

I have noticed lately Mean Girls has become popular again, I often hear and see quotes from it all over the place. I actually watched it in the theaters when it first came out. I liked it, not really sure why it so popular again 10 years later though… lol. What do you think? Is Mean Girls one of your favorite movies?

Colors I used were: Basic white, Kleancolor Neon Pink, Pastel Purple, and Fairy Love.

Practice Nail – Golden Peacock


I really like the way this came out, I hope to incorporate it into a full set :). The neutral colors and seamless details add a very “business wear” appeal to it, in my opinion. The peacock feathers image was actually a random decision, I just wanted to use it lol but I think it is actually really fitting. I also added some gold glitter rounds to the center of each of the rings, to tie it all together. The base color was a custom mixed nude/brown and the stamp was from cheeky jumbo plate b.

False Nail Set – Tribal Chain


Okay so I am not really sure if this pattern can actually be considered tribal or not, but it works right? lol Tribal prints have been trending for a while now, even though I am not one to really keep up with trends, I decided why not? haha I have the images might as well use them lol. I love this set though :). The colors work great together; I almost used a white back drop and I am so glad I didn’t, the tan is much more complementary! :p