False Nail Set – More Fleur De Lis Please


This is a little different from what I normally do, but I hope you like it. 🙂 The fleur-de-lys symbol is a stylized flower, representing a lily or iris, which is used as an ornamental design or emblem. All throughout history in art and architecture, flowers and floral motifs symbolized power or royalty. For instance in France fleur-de-lis were widely used in city emblems such as in the coat of arms. At the same time the fleur-de-lys also has a soft and feminine appeal to it. For this nail set I wanted to create a representation of this symbol in its iconic form. I sponged on the light teal base color to add some distress but also keep some femininity and make them fashionable; after all these are nails… lol. I brought in the silver studs and chains to represent armor or shields. This is the first nail design I have made that represented an idea, but even without the story it still makes for a great nail design. 🙂

Base color: basic black, sponged Kleancolor Catch me #102 and yh Beja Cosmetics color #38

Image plate: Mo-You Tourist collection #07 and Mash image plate #35


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