Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Fancy Forest



This design is very similar to the the wallpaper design from a couple weeks ago. Actually it is almost identical, except for the colors and stamp; I also made this one a half moon manicure design. As in the other design, the base color used here is also a custom mix I made, it is kind of a sparkly forest green color. I stamped on the vines and floral print (Cheeky jumbo plate 3) in a light teal/turquoise color, which actually matches the rose. The end result of this one doesn’t really resemble wallpaper as much as the other one though, this one is much more “earthy”. So which is your favorite variation, between this one and the rose carmine one from a few weeks ago? 🙂


Practice Nail – So Kawaii

20140324_155315a 20140324_155354

This came out pretty cute for just being another one of my totally random designs lol :p. The base is a corally pink color that I mixed up myself, I followed with a netting pattern (from Cheeky jumbo plate A) and topped it with a bright blue bow adorned with micro beads. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing this design incorporated onto real nails or in a false set. 🙂

False Nail Set – Sunny Zebra

20140310_171250 20140310_171257 20140310_171313

Yellow is a color I rarely use, as it can sometimes be hard to work with, but I thought it would be very fitting for the spring/summer time. Here I just went with the classic black and yellow combination, and with the zebra stripes, rhinestone heart, and black glitter accent nails, what is there not to love? hehe

Let me know what colors to you like pairing with yellow! 🙂

Base color is Kleancolor #18 Neon Yellow.

Image plate used was a Konad m69 dupe.

Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Iridescent Diamond



I got some new rhombus shaped rhinestones and wanted to use them right away! This iridescent teal one was the boldest one out of the colors, so I went with that and came up with this quick and simple look to showcase the rhinestone. It is just so pretty! I also thought the gold complimented it nicely. I am amazed I was able to get the micro beads so straight! lol

Practice Nail – Infinity Heart


This was another one of my random, just go with the flow, nail designs. The base color is a custom mix and is a dark plum color, which I thought the gold accents would compliment nicely. I think the design could also work as a bow depending on how you look at it. It came out pretty cute for what it is. :p

False Nail Set – Floral Spring Cameo

20140310_161828a 20140310_161838a 20140310_161917a 20140310_161931a

Happy Good Friday everyone, I hope you have wonderful Easter weekends! Today’s false nail set is a lovely spring design. It has a very classy and feminine appeal complimented well by the almond shaped nails. A lot of time went into making the rose cameos with the “ruffled” border, so I left the rest of the nails minimal. For the base colors I used Kleancolor #102 Catch Me, a basic white, and peach acrylic paint. For the stamp I used Bundle Monster plate 323.

Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Ice Queen – Inspired By Disney’s Frozen


This design was inspired by the latest Disney movie “Frozen”. In particular, this is my 3d interpretation of Elsa’s Ice castle, which is one of my favorite elements in the movie. I opted for a 3d nail design (opposed to painting) as a way to represent the design in a more architectural manner, since Elsa’s Ice castle is a very ornate and detailed structure, I also wanted it to be wearable and have a more formal/elegant appeal just as her Ice castle does. This is a design fit for an Ice Queen. 😉

I used Color Club Lumin-Icecent for the base and finished it with a matte top coat.