Practice Nail – Gold Chains And Leopard


Yes, more leopard :p. It’s kind of like a safety net design, when all else fails use leopard! haha. I wanted a two toned pattern for the middle design that I could incorporate some gold into, to really make the chains pop. I am still looking for another design I can use in the center, that works as well as the leopard. Any suggestions? πŸ™‚


False Nail Set – Diamonds And Damask II

20140304_160758 20140304_161058 20140304_160845139603877685468 (1)

I just had to make a false set of the nail design I posted the other day. Of course I changed the shape up again, just so it’s at least a little bit different…right? lol πŸ˜›

Base color: Color ClubΒ Red-Ical Gypsy

Image plate: Cheeky Jumbo plate #8 Princess Charming.

Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Diamonds And Damask


One of my all time favorite color combinations is black, white, and red. I thought this damask/flourish print would compliment the gorgeous jeweled chain that I bought, perfectly. I also happened to have a matching bracelet that broke (larger sized) that I thought would coordinate well as a stand alone jewel on the ring finger. I think this design has a very classy and formal feel to it and it totally reminds me of a wedding! I think it would be the perfect look for any special occasion. πŸ™‚


Base color: Color ClubΒ Red-Ical Gypsy

Image plate: Cheeky Jumbo plate #8 Princess Charming.

Practice Nail – Trees At Dusk – Stamped vs Freehand

I actually did these quite a while back, doesn’t hurt to show you though :p. I had just received my new stamping plate set and wanted to try them out. I noticed a tree image on it and thought it would be the perfect chance to also practice my sponging and gradients. Thus the design on the left was created haha. I liked the sunset effect and thought the trees would be really easy to freehand so I tried it again by hand and thus the one on the right was created. Eh I like them both, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to me drawing/painting lol.

False Nail Set – Chains And Cross Nail Design II

20140309_16470520140309_164659 20140309_164728

A while back I uploaded a ‘Chains And Cross Nail Design’ and mentioned that I intended on using gold chains instead of silver. Well I finally found some gold chain and was able to recreate the design I originally envisioned. I am really happy with both results, but I would have to say I prefer this design with gold chains and studs over the silver, I also think I did a better job at sponging this time :P. Which do you prefer? ❀

Just a side note: I didn’t mean for the cross to look upside down, it is intended to be viewed the other way around when worn. My apologies if it comes off as offensive to anyone.

Base color: Sponged Color ClubΒ Red-Ical Gypsy, basic black, and gold glitter by the color workshop


Natural Nail Art Of The Week – Black And Gold French Manicure

20140302_040313 20140302_040336 20140302_040726

I don’t know about you but I rarely see French manicures anymore, seems like a forgotten design. I want to pay homage to the French mani (with a bit of a modern twist) so here is the design I came up with; A black with gold glitter French tip, adorned with gold micro beads, and I also threw in a nice accent nail with a beaded cameo. I have to say, it sure saved time not having to do whole designs on all of the nails haha

Nail Art Wheel Of The Month – Playing Around With Tape


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Sorry I have no holiday designs for you (there are 2 green designs on there though…does that count? haha). It was time for me to post a nail art wheel and I hadn’t even considered any upcoming holidays. This is just as good though right? :p

This wheel’s theme has to do with tape. I used striping tapes and scotch tape. I put my craft scissors to good use by cutting fun edges on the scotch tape and placing them on different parts of the nails. You can get all sorts of effects just by putting the tape in different places. These sure were fun to do, and of course they just wouldn’t be complete without accessories! πŸ™‚